What is digiscoping?

Digiscoping is a method of extreme telephoto photography - achieving much greater focal lengths than traditional methods of telephoto photography. Digiscoping combines the use of an ordinary spotting scope and a digital compact, DSLR or smartphone. It particularly appeals to bird watchers who would normally equip themselves with a spotting scope to view birds and wildlife. It can be very difficult to carry a spotting scope as well as a bulky DSLR and large telephoto lens to capture images of wildlife and that's how digiscoping came about - by utilising the spotting scope as the lens combined with a camera rather than having to carry an additional large and heavy lens.

With the use of an adapter it is possible to attach a camera, DSLR or smartphone to your spotting scope - the camera 'sees' what the scope 'sees' by simply aligning the two optics. And with eyepieces available for spotting scopes up to 60x magnification focal lengths well over 2000mm can be achieved.